New Blog and Driving in California

My website finally got the update it deserves. A place to properly showcase work, production photos, tips and tricks for your own photography, and lessons learned along the way. So let’s just dive right in, shall we?

I’ll start with this picture I took in California. My better half and I were driving down the road and I saw this old decrepit house that had two porches, each held up with wooden palettes. I had her take the next exit and turn around so we could go back and find this house. From where you could park and reasonably walk to it, here is what the house looked like.

Not much to look at. And I might also mention, this is zoomed all the way in. Not only do you have extra reach in this picture, but lens compression makes it look a lot closer than it actually was. So I crawled and climbed my way through the trench that surrounded the property, the field of rusty farm equipment, and all the brush you see. (I didn’t cross the barbed wire fence, so I think I get some credit there.) This is what I saw from the freeway that attracted me to the house in the first place. Those wooden palettes.

Ok, so maybe you noticed… But the sky was terrible. It was beyond terrible, it was…nothing. I can do sunny, I can do blue. I can do cloudy and stormy, but this was nothing. However, that did make it really easy to punch out, and a prime candidate for a HDR composite to bring the whole thing together. Photography is an art. It’s not cheating, it’s using my resources to create art.

Sometimes when I’m making an image, the last thing I think about is reality.