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Best Senior Pictures in Seattle

Posted by: In: Photos 27 Jan 2013 Comments: 0

Tired of lame senior pictures? Want something epic instead? I’m looking for Senior Reps. For more information, please see the Senior Rep page for details and tell me why you should be my Rep.

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I’m looking for awesome students in the class of 2014, to take senior pictures up a notch. I mean, what would you rather have?

You could get a “meh” picture in front of a tree. (Extra sharpening on acne is free apparently.)

I’m sorry person on flickr

Oooh. Or you could do that really “cool” thing those kids are doing nowadays, with people looking bored in front of a boat, but it’s IN COLOR.

I’m sorry person on flickr

Even better, you can always spice up an awkward moment with a blank wall that emits nonsensical lens flares!! (Michael Bay and J.J. Abrams would be proud.)

I’m sorry person on flickr

I’m sorry for exposing you to those. I really am. But don’t worry. I have an antidote.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Of course you are, you good lookin’ perceptive person, you.

Now HERE is your dose of awesome.

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So it’s your choice. If you’re looking for awesomely epic, jaw dropping, show stopping, stunner images for your senior pictures, then get more info about becoming a Rep for Senior Pictures and making the world a little more awesome. You’re already awesome. Why not show people?

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